We have conquered sleeping through the night, crawling, walking, talking, eating and running all over Mommy and Daddy. So I guess that means it’s about time to start potty training.

I read that the first step is to get her familiar with the idea of using the bathroom, so around her birthday we started introducing her to her potty chair and letting her see me and Todd use the bathroom. She’s in love with her chair – she will even drag it out of the bathroom to sit on it. She pulls at her pants and diaper and she even tries to wipe herself when she’s on the toilet.

I think it’s safe to say that we are successfully enrolled in Potty Training 102. Now it gets hard. We haven’t been very consistent and I know we’re going to have to change that moving forward. We’ve put her on the potty when we caught her in mid-tell sign and let’s just say those were some poopy and wet situations we found ourselves in. Now we’re trying to put her on the chair every hour when we’re home and when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. I even found her a potty song (check it out below – ADORABLE!!!). But in true Temi fashion it just makes her want to jump off the potty and shake her booty. LOL SMH

For those that have traveled down Potty Road, what stories or tips do you have? I’d love to get pointers on things I can try besides letting her running around diaper-free peeing and pooping on everything. (Is that really the only sure-fire way to potty train?)

Watch “Elmo’s Potty Time: Sesame Street” on YouTube