On April 24, 2016, T-Daddy and I got baptized again. We had both been baptized as children, but this time we were taking this step, making this decision as adults committed to becoming the man and woman God wants us to be.

We hadn’t planned to get baptized. In fact, we forgot that it was Baptism Weekend. Our church is in the middle of a series on emotions called “Emojis.” The series kicked off Easter weekend and we thought this weekend would be on anxiety, so we cut our weekend in Peoria short and rushed back so I could experience the sermon live. Imagine my disappointment when we got there and the weekend bulletin listed anxiety as the sermon for the following week. I was mad. So I went back and read my notes from the sermon on disappointment, which reminded me that disappointment can either lead to depression or opportunity. It was my choice. So I asked God to change my feelings so that I wouldn’t miss the opportunity that He had for me.

Pastor talked about baptism and what it was and wasn’t. In short, it’s an expression of faith, it’s an immersion and it’s important to Jesus. Then he went into a list of frequently asked questions and expressed reasons for not getting baptized. Among those he mentioned were: waiting for family, being baptized as an infant/child and just getting your hair done. Somewhere in between his sermon and the questions/reasons, I felt a pull in my spirit to get baptized. They even made mention several times that “Some of you are thinking about it, and are still hesitant. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t plan for this. If God’s telling you to do this, we want you to do it. Even though the group has walked out, your time hasn’t passed. You can still come up. Anytime, even at the end.” I knew I wanted to, but I was scared. Of what, I don’t know.

I motioned to T-Daddy and told him I wanted to get baptized.

T-Daddy: You should
I’m scared.
You don’t need to be. You want me to go with you?

baptismI nodded. He took my hand and led me out the sanctuary. We met individually with counselors and then we were given a shirt and shorts to change into. Every step of the way, there was someone that we have grown to know at the church cheering us on and telling us how happy and proud they were of us.

We stood in line and talked about how this was the right thing to do. T-Daddy even revealed to me that he too was feeling the pull and I gave him the extra push…that confirmation that this is what we should do. The entire time I fought back tears. He walked onto the stage and into the baptism tub. Pastor introduced him to the congregation and then asked him some questions and baptized him. He was given a towel and exited the stage. It was my turn. Repeat. We were met outside by more people hugging us and telling us congratulations and how happy they were for us.

We went and changed. More people came up to us. One lady I exchanged contact information with months ago managed to take pictures and send them to me. It was a very emotional experience, but mostly it just felt right.

In a month, we will stand before the same congregation on the same stage to dedicate our children to God. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but we were waiting until after we were married. It seems only fitting that we got baptized first, too.

On April 24, 2010, T-Daddy and I began what would come to be a very challenging relationship with lots of ups and downs, tribulations and blessings. It holds a special meaning for me that exactly six years later, we would choose to take another (more significant) step together. I feel like TnT was just born again. And, I can’t wait to see how God moves in our lives as we move closer to Him.