I’ve been asked several times lately if I would loc Temi’s hair. My response is always the same, if she wants it and she’s mature enough to make that decision then yes. But I silently wonder what will I do if she’s not old enough to make that decision. 

A week ago I got my answer. T3 had lunch with my mentor from hs and college, his wife and their daughter and his daughter had ponytails with comb twists so it gave the illusion of locs without being loc’d. I decided that if Temi asks for locs before I think she’s ready, then I will do that. I will give her “starter locs” taking care to wash and comb them out before they loc up.

Afterall, I’m pretty sure with me, Keisha and  Erica loc’d and my mom and best friend constantly in braids/twists, Temi’s gonna ask for it one day. Now I can be prepared. And if she doesn’t, no harm, no foul.