It’s been a minute, I know.  See, what had happened was…

First, I ran into some technical difficulties trying to switch over my blog and domain. In the midst of trying to figure that out, the racist Memorial Day Weekend quadruple craziness happened. (See George Floyd, Christian Cooper birdwatching, youth pastor caught in a hotel with another guy…lies and says Black guys kidnapped him, mom does something awful to kids and blames it on Black guys) And then, it has been one racist thing after another. I went on a journey and my blog didn’t get packed along for the ride.

Originally, I had planned to create backdated posts for the weeks I missed. But it became kind of daunting, to be honest. Then life kept picking up and I couldn’t see where I would find the time to catch up on here. Finally, I decided I just won’t catch up. Too much time has passed. We’re gonna pick up where we left off and hopefully stay on track moving forward.

So, we’re back. And here’s what you guys missed during Week 33-47 (Month 8-10):

  • I planned a protest with some other moms in my local town. I was scared and nervous. But I got out there, with the rest of T5. As a result, I’m part of a group working to do some anti-racism good in our town.
  • We had a Blackity Black Juneteenth celebration in our backyard. It was full of good food, good music and a good time. It was food for my soul.
  • T-Daddy and I have done so much yard work. We’ve cut stuff down and dug stuff up. I even put a sandpit in our backyard. This has been so good for my mental with everything going on.
  • TD1 was inspired by the protest, so she planned a sit-in. We are super proud of our activist-in-training.
  • I was interviewed for a podcast on racism and the church. You can check it out on PodBean or Apple Podcasts.
  • With so much back and forth about school this fall, we decided to homeschool this year. You can follow our journey on IG at Spark Learning.
  • TD3 went from 7 months to 18 months overnight. Seriously, she has two teeth, is running, responds “Hi” if you say “Hi,” waves, claps, actively plays with her sisters, and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Also, she still won’t let me enjoy my food in peace.
  • I was gone for roughly 3 months and y’all I’m just not the same person. Teaching my girls to be unapologetically Black and Christian, and being that myself, are more important than ever to me. It’s also important that those closest to me are actively anti-racist. There’s so much work to do, and I don’t know what that will end up looking like for me or for T5, but complicity ain’t an option.

Now that we’re all caught up, it feels good to be back. By the end of this week, I’ll have an 11-month-old, and be two weeks closer to a 9-year-old. T-Daddy and I will also be a week away from 5 years.

September bout to be too LIT round these parts!!! Glad, we worked our butts off to get our backyard ready to celebrate.