I’ve been feeling pretty guilty lately about my lack of commitment and concern for my natural hair. So I decided to turn to the greatness that is Google and, well, Google natural blogs and websites. I haven’t spent a great deal reading and researching, but in my brief search, I did notice that there seems to be a difference in opinion on the definition of “natural”. Apparently you can fall in one of four categories:

1. No perm, but color.
2. No perm, no color, but you still wear it “straight”.
3. No perm, no color, no heat, but you keep it braided or under weave.
4. No perm, no color, no heat, no weave.

Depending on who you talk to, the only real natural is #4. More lenient ppl may say 3 and 4 and occasionally 2, but #1 gets a lotta flack for introducing chemicals to their otherwise natural hair.

So what exactly IS natural????