I’ve been very open about my feelings towards the crying it out method. It’s just not something I can do, but we continue to struggle with the bedtime routine. Todd asked me to put my Beats on to drown her out because “she has to learn.”

I wanted to fight and protest and put my foot down. How dare he say MY baby has to cry it out?!!?!!? Who does he think he is?!?!?! Oh wait, he’s her father. *sigh* So to honor his wishes, I did just that tonight.

First, I could still hear her. Second, she cried nonstop for at least four or five songs. Third, I looked up to find a crying, flustered Temi running towards me full force.

Catch that?

Let’s rewind.

I put her in her crib. I closed her door. She ran to me in the living room.

So much for crying it out…..