TB3: Week 32

TB3 is the size of a scooter board. I think this week can be summed up in a list: I have officially started counting down. Although, I'm convinced TB3 is going to come before her due date. I can feel TB3 move more. She especially likes music and food. Really good food makes her dance.... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 31

TB3 is the size of a foam finger. This was the week of the BIG reveal. And let’s be honest - no one really cares about anything else this week. If you missed it live (or just want to see it again), you can check it out on IGTV. For all those concerned, T-Daddy is... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 30

TB3 is the size of a motorcycle helmet. What. A. Week. This week has been all about TD1's allergies. I've been delving deeper into the black hole that is corn allergy. Each new discovery led to more feelings of overwhelm and despair. I'm pretty sure that I did not take very good care of me... Continue Reading →

TB3: WEEK 29

TB3 is the size of a Barbie convertible. Week 29 - almost in the homestretch. All in all, this was a good week. Not too much craziness or illness or chaos. We managed to get in a playdate at the pool, a family date and VBS has given T-Daddy and me a few date nights.... Continue Reading →

TB3: WEEK 28

TB3 is the size of a rollerblade. Happy 4th of July! Happy 28 weeks! Happy 3rd trimester! While everyone else was celebrating the birthday of America, a day off and good food, I celebrated hitting the third trimester. This means doctor visits every two weeks now. Yippee!!! The week started on the holiday so it... Continue Reading →

TB3: WEEK 27

TB3 is the size of a camping lantern. TB3's the size of a camping lantern and this week kinda felt like I was lost in the wilderness soooo I guess I really could've used a metaphoric lantern. This week was filled with doctor visits for me and the girls, plus I ran out of gas... Continue Reading →

TB3: WEEK 26

TB3 is the size of a bowling pin. So this week started with an early morning flight to LA to go see a college buddy and T-Daddy's frat bro get married. The wedding was beautiful and it was like a college reunion of sorts. Buuuuuuuttttt. Flying when you're congested is not a good idea. In... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 25

TB3 is the size of a baseball glove. How fitting that the week we go to a baseball game, TB3 is the size of a baseball glove. Maybe s/he will be a good luck charm and our team will win. This week has been a fast one. It started with my sister’s high school graduation.... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 24

TB3 is the size of a GI Joe. I mean is this really any different from a Barbie Doll tho? IJS 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve spent most of this week battling a nasty cold or allergies...not really sure. So if you see me and I sound like death or like I’m trying to cough this baby up,... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 23

TB3 is the size of a Barbie Doll. Week 23 was just as eventful as Week 22. End of the Year Program for the girls. Prom for my sister. Busy week at work. Family drama. Another bad asthma attack. Heartburn. Uncomfortableness. Pre-birthday celebration for T-Daddy. The more I go through life with a progressing pregnancy,... Continue Reading →

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