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Things TD2 says

T-Talks: Got Hurt

A few days ago, TD2 got hurt at school. I was working in the office when her teacher brought her to me to console her. He told me what happened and I showered her with lots of Mommy love and a bandaid. We took some deep breaths to calm down and I walked her back to her class. A short while later, she came back with a picture.

T-Mommy: What’s this a picture of?
TD2: What happened when I got hurt.
T-Mommy: What happened sweetie?
TD2: I was walking on this and I fell.
T-Mommy: And this is you after you fell?
TD2: *nods*
T-Mommy: Who is this?
TD2: Mr. Banana

*Mr. Banana is her nickname for her teacher.

T-Talks: Hopes

Helping TD2 rehearse for her school’s holiday program:
T-Mommy: [TD2] What are your hopes for the New Year?
TD2: I hope for a cat, a dog and a baby.
T-Mommy: A cat, a dog and a baby?
TD2: Yeah because they’re all soo0o0o0o cute and I just love them and want them all the time.
T-Mommy: And um, where do you think you’re getting any of those from?
TD2: The store.
T-Mommy: So you can just buy a baby at the store?
TD2: Yup! Or we can just ask Santa.
T-Mommy: Ask Santa for a baby?
TD2: Yeah, he has a hundred and he lives at the North Pole. So all we have to do is just go to the North Pole and buy a baby and a cat and a dog.

T-Talks: Tummy Hurts

Either someone told TD2 that a tummy ache was her Get Out of Jail Free card, or she took it upon herself to decide that. Either way, every conversation in our house now sounds like:

T-TalksConvo 1:
T-Mommy/T-Daddy: Eat your food.
TD2: But Mommy/Daddy, my tummy hurt.

Convo 2:
T-Mommy/T-Daddy: Go to bed.
TD2: Mommy/Daddy, my tummy hurt.

Convo 3:
T-Mommy/T-Daddy: Clean your room.
TD2: But Mommy/Daddy, my tummy hurt.

When that doesn’t work, she just runs to us, rubs our face and ever so sweetly says, “I want you!”


T-Talks: No!!

Me: Do you want to go to sleep in your room?
TD2: No.
Me: Do you want to go to sleep with Mommy?
TD2: No.
Me: Well, those are your only options: either sleep in your room or sleep with me.TD2: Ummmmm no!

Sent her to her room where she laughed and played till not T-Daddy and I took turns yelling for her to lay down. At which point, she screamed the whole time, then cried “I want su Mommy!!!” But, true to her word, she did NOT go to sleep.