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Well, I finally got my treasure....or so I thought....
Well, I finally got my treasure….or so I thought….

T5 is a super awesome family of five: T-Mommy, T-Daddy, T-Daughter 1, T-Daughter 2 and T-Baby 3 (which we just found out is soon-to-be T-Daughter 3). T-Mommy and T-Daddy are a pair of nerds who fell in love with each other because their first names both started with the letter T. It was quickly decided that should they ever procreate and fill the world with more super awesomeness, their offspring would bear the first initial T. As fate would have it, they bore two super awesome daughters and the four of them became known to the world as T4. Fast forward a few years, and now they are about to become T5 because God decided that the world needed more awesomeness.

When I started this blog, my “treasure” was to get married. Now that I’m married, I’ve found that once you find one treasure, you just learn of more treasures and spend more time in search of them. This is my journey of a life of treasures with my T’s.

I’m just a super awesome chick that fell in love a lot quicker than I planned and had my whole world turned upside down. Originally, I was on the search to unlock my not-so-secret treasure: the married life in a beautiful home with lots of kitchen space and a ginormous backyard. It’s been quite a journey, but I finally arrived with my eternal sidekick, also known as the “You’re not married, but you might as well be so I’m just going to call him your husband”, T-Daddy (because you know we finally did that thing that silly people do and got married), two kids, a house, ginormous backyard and now another kid on the way (I guess some treasures you just keep finding). Now, my treasure is a legacy of faithfulness, godliness and love for T5. It’s a lifetime commitment, but I’m in it for the long-haul, with T-Daddy by my side.  Together, we’re stomping anyone and anything that stops me from getting to my treasure. (Well maybe I’m doing the stomping, but I like to think this is a “It Takes Two” mission and he’s not just along for the ride.)

He’s the other creator of T5. He’s not quite as super awesome as me, but he’s still pretty super. Armed with out of this world strength and a smile that will melt the most frozen of ice, he’s just tryna find his way in this new land of Daddy. Before he was T-Daddy, he was known in another land as SupaTodd and occasionally still wears the SupaTodd cape. He’s the Yin to my Yang, and makes sure I stay on course when I seem to have misplaced my treasure map. (Or maybe it’s me that makes sure he stays on course. Either way, we’d be lost without the other.)

T-Daughter 1
She’s one-half of the best thing that ever happened to me. She keeps me on my toes and full of life. She’s also my real boss and makes sure I don’t sleep when the sun is up. She’s all smiles until you mess with her Netflix or her little sister. Nobody messes with her baby.

T-Daughter 2
The second-half of the best thing that ever happened to me, she taught me that my heart can grow beyond measure. She’s the tiniest T, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s tough as nails and can usually be found right behind or up under her sister. Mess with her food and she’s drawing blood. Let her eat to her heart’s content and she’ll let you sit at the cool table with her and TD1.

T-Baby 3
This little surprise has yet to make her debut into the world. Until recently, all that was known about her was that she was a tiny human being formed in my womb. We recently confirmed that she is in fact a she. Rumors had it that TB3 might actually be a boy (or a demogorgon) but the paint reveal said those were lies. It’s yet to be determined if this will be the final third of the best thing that ever happened to me.  Who am I kidding? Once TB3 becomes TD3, I am going to be just as head over heels as I was the first two times. 

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