T-Talks: Pig Bacon

Me: Can I have a hug? TD1: *hugs* *squishes stomach* It feels like the fat from pig bacon. Me: *side-eye* TD1: Whhhaaat?? I like pig bacon.

T-Talks: Pregnancy Bands

*looking at belly support bands*TD2: What's that?Me: Pregnancy support bands. When you're pregnant, your belly grows and things get moved around and sometimes that can hurt a little. Hopefully, these will help Mommy with some of the pain I'm feeling. TD1: Mommy, because you're pregnant, I think you should buy bigger clothes.

T-Talks: Got Hurt

A few days ago, TD2 got hurt at school. I was working in the office when her teacher brought her to me to console her. He told me what happened and I showered her with lots of Mommy love and a bandaid. We took some deep breaths to calm down and I walked her back... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Forgive

*While in timeout for a few minutes* TD2: Daddy! I'm scared! *cries* I don't want to be by myself! *cries* I'm thirsty! T-Daddy: [TD2] you have to face the wall and be quiet. TD2: *cries* Daaaaaadddyyy! I'm sorry! I forgive you. I forgive you Daddy!

T-Talks: Hopes

Helping TD2 rehearse for her school's holiday program: T-Mommy: [TD2] What are your hopes for the New Year? TD2: I hope for a cat, a dog and a baby. T-Mommy: A cat, a dog and a baby? TD2: Yeah because they're all soo0o0o0o cute and I just love them and want them all the time.... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Crush

TD1 is in a Pre-K/K mixed class, so imagine my surprise when after school, the following convo took place: TD1: Mommy, Ariel* and Belle* have a crush on Charming*. T-Mommy: Oh really, and how do you know that? TD1: I don't know. T-Mommy: Do you know what a crush is? TD1: No. T-Mommy: So how... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Two Moms

TD1: Mom, why can't I have two moms like you? I want two moms. T-Mommy: Why do you want two moms? TD1: So I can have two moms and two houses and two brothers and two sisters, like you have. T-Mommy: Well, you know what it means if you have two moms? It means that Mommy and... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Pizza Cheese Whine

*a few weeks ago* TD1: whining Me: You want some cheese to go with that whine? TD1: *stops whining* what? Why you ask me that? Me: *explains the whole cheese and wine/whine thing* *tonight* TD1: *singing* You want some cheese with that whine? You want some cheese with that whine? You want some cheese with... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Books

Overheard in the other room: TD1: Books are not made to be ripped. They are made to be read. TD2: You’re not posed to throw books. TD1: Listen to me!! Books are made to be read. Not to be ripped. No more ripping books and that will make me happy. Ok?

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