This week started off with my first solo friend date since TD3 was born. Huge shoutout to PB for making it happen. Honestly, if there weren’t purchased tickets involved, I may have tried to reschedule. It was the night before the girls started their new school and my anxiety was peaking. But, I managed to help T-Daddy get them ready and put my hair up in a cute style. And we were early for the concert. WINNING!

The girls had a great first week at their new school. Creating a space and routine for homework was a little overwhelming at first. (I may or may not have had flashbacks of being forced to sit at the table learning my spelling words while my godsiblings watched TV…but I digress.) By the end of the week, I had put together a station, so now I can see my dining room table again.

I’m sure there will be peaks and valleys and new things along the way, but I’m really happy with our decision. I”m glad to see the girls making new friends already. It definitely helps that a lot of kids from our church attend their school, so they walked in already knowing people there. 

TD2’s best friend signed up for the same gymnastics class, so she has a standing weekly “playdate” with her. It makes me happy to know that their friendship isn’t dependent on them attending the same school. On top of that, the girls ended the week with a Girl Scout meeting at their old school. They were excited to see their old classmates. A little too excited, but I’m sure it’ll calm down as time goes on. 

For me, the week is ending on a bittersweet note – I’m not feeling well…again. I woke up with chills and have been achy all day. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to this “winter storm” that’s coming our way. But, I did get a special kind of win today…TD3 said “Mama!!!” More like cried it, but still. We were at doctor so she could get her second round of shots. Of course, they prick her leg, and she starts crying. The nurse said, “Mama will make you feel all better now.” And like clockwork, TD3 cried out “Mama.” 😁😁😁😁 And just so you know, the nurse heard it too! So I wasn’t hearing things.

Day…week…month made!