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Parents of Three: Week 23

This week started out good enough – we had a beautiful day at the park skating as a family. The sun was so refreshing and I felt ready for anything. Well almost anything, as I’m still not 100% yet. Then life… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Month 4

TD3 LIKES: Mommy Nursing Eating Mommy’s face…and her locs My sisters Being held Sleeping on my stomach Rolling over Bright lights/screens Trying to eat Daddy Talking Staring at people Pulling my hair TD3 DISLIKES: Being in my carseat When no… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 15

This week started off with my first solo friend date since TD3 was born. Huge shoutout to PB for making it happen. Honestly, if there weren’t purchased tickets involved, I may have tried to reschedule. It was the night before… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 6

We made it to the infamous week known as Week 6. This is supposed to be when all the magic happens – you’re considered officially recovered. You get cleared for *ahem* activities. Life goes back to normal…plus one new person…. Continue Reading →

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