Welcome to 2020 (and Week 14)!!!

We brought in the new year as a family watching Netflix, playing games, and switching to the countdown at the very last minute. It may be a new year, but some things never change.

TD3 is back to sleeping through the night…her night just starts anywhere between 12-2am now. Good thing I was the only one that had somewhere to be this week…

Speaking of having somewhere to be, T-Daddy has two weeks left on his parental leave. That means a new adjustment is right around the corner. We went to look at a couple of daycares, including one that the older TDs went to. I’m not ready to take that step, just yet. I was disappointed in how underwhelmed I felt visiting our old daycare. And, how rude the office manager was. It’s kind of crazy how much a few years can change things. So the search continues.

As TD3 gets older, the more the older TDs want to play with her. It’s sweet watching her interact with them sometimes. The love TD1 and TD2 have for her is more than I could have ever imagined. I hope they remember how cute they thought she was when she’s older and messing with their things. 

I decided to end this week by joining the Wifey Round Table. It’s a bi-weekly video call of women who encourage, pray for and hold each other accountable to be godly wives, mothers, and women. It was started by my bestie about a year ago, but I haven’t always been able to attend. I want to make being a part of it a higher priority this year, so I dialed in today. On the call, she asked each of us what our resolutions were for 2020. I said to reset and be more intentional.

Once I found out I was pregnant, my life, goals, everything kind of just got kicked to the curb. I was in straight survival mode. Well, now that TD3 is here, and I’m back to work, and it’s a new year, I’m ready. I’m ready to pick up some self-care (because I’m tired of me looking frumpy…and I’m sure T-Daddy is too). I’m ready to get active. I’m ready to use my rollerblades. I’m ready to be a better wife, mother, friend. I’m ready to read allllllll the books. I’m ready to finally teach myself how to play that guitar I’ve had since I got engaged. *in my Tiffany Haddish voice* I’m ready!

Then, the rest of my day was a series of mishaps and dropped balls and missed meals. Guess we’ll work on execution next week.