Today, TD3 turned 13 weeks old and three months old. Since Week 13 and Month 3 fell on the same day, here are 13 highlights of the past month:

  1. I went back to work.
  2. I had a few mom hangouts…with TD3 tagging along, of course.
  3. The older TDs had their last holiday program before they transfer schools.
  4. We got our first real Christmas tree.
  5. TD3 started rolling over to her side.
  6. TD3 loves to smile and babble.
  7. The older TDs still love TD3 and holding her.
  8. TD3 loves chewing on her hand.
  9. T-Daddy has one month left of parental leave.
  10. I’m in awe at how much joy TD3 has brought to our family in such a short time.
  11. TD3 met her great-great-great aunt.
  12. We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of five.
  13. Then I got sick…