These weeks keep going by…each one faster than the last one. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 weeks, yet here we are. I’d say I’m settling into a groove, but I feel like that requires me to be on top of things. And, balls keep getting dropped, so we’ll settle for taking it a day at a time.

TD3’s sleep has been thrown off by the DTAP vaccine. The first few days after she got it, she slept so much. And now she’s eating and going right back to sleep. Except for in the middle of the night when she wants to smile and coo for 20 min every time she wakes up. I’m not gonna lie – it’s cute until I’m too tired to move the next morning. 

Staff holiday party…big sisters’ gymnastics class…aunt’s bday…TD3 got out and about this week

I did manage to squeeze in a moms’ night amidst all the busy. Tacos and good convo with some good ladies did my soul some good. It was just what I needed to make it to the end.

And the end of this week was a big one. It signaled the end of an era as this week was also the last week at the girls’ school. When they return from winter break, they will be starting at a new school. The decision to transfer them (and ultimately give up my job at their school) was a tough one. T-Daddy and I had to look at each girl’s individual needs and the needs of our family and determine what was in the best interest of everyone. It’s been a long month+, but I’m at peace with our decision. The older TDs are excited for their new chapter. And that makes me happy as their mom.

Juggling three kids, two part-time jobs, and a marriage, has been a lot these past few weeks. And while I’m sad to say goodbye to a place that I’ve loved working at and having my kids attend, I’m excited for a little downtime. And to be able to be home with TD3 and not be working from home. I’m forever grateful for the memories, experiences, and friendships made the past five years. I’m also looking forward to what this new school, new year, new decade has in store for T5.