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Truly Loved: Family Portrait Review

Spoiler alert: I love taking pictures, and thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, Marco Polo and whatever latest app comes out next week, my girls love taking photos of themselves (although TD2’s behavior said otherwise). So when I found out a friend… Continue Reading →

Home for the Holidays

*cue up *NSYNC* As I write this, I am currently enjoying watching the TDs veg out with toys, books, puzzles and Netflix. Despite currently fighting allergy/sinus issues, I am thoroughly enjoying being home with them on their winter break. It’s… Continue Reading →

Bah Humbug

For whatever reason, I really wasn’t into Christmas this year, and events leading up to and surrounding Christmas really didn’t help my mood. At one point, I decided to sit Christmas out. But thinking about the money we had already… Continue Reading →

It’s Not Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas Eve is almost over and I just keep thinking that it should feel different. My holidays as an adult are completely different from my holidays as a child. Things were easier, more delightful back then. I wish I could… Continue Reading →

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