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T-Talks: White Brown

TD1 on race: I not black. I brown. Mommy, you’re not brown. You’re white brown!!! And my hand white brown too!

The Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

“Everything happens for a reason.” That has to be one of the most quoted lines in history. It’s usually said to explain away the unexplainable. For the more religious, the equivalent is “A blessing in disguise.” I don’t know if… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons…The Hard Way

☆★Today’s post is Day 3 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I’m posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆ Today was one of those days where I was reminded of the importance of caring for me first. I get… Continue Reading →

Turning 26 and Putting Aside Childish Things

My aunt recently told me “You’re officially a grown person now. You know 25 is the cutoff for little kids. Now you’re 26, you’re almost 30.” And I have to say, she was right. Last year, I just wanted to… Continue Reading →

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