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TD1 and the Super Straight Hair

A few weeks ago, I came home and, as soon as I walked in the door, T-Daddy said, “She wants her hair like Elsa’s*. I have no idea who Elsa is or how her hair even is. I tried to… Continue Reading →

Tresses: Molocs

I tried my hand at a mohawk and I’m more than pleased with the end results. I think I can do this.

Tresses: Doing It Yourself

The past few months my loctician has been on some other, making me question if it was worth continuing to make that drive to the south side. Since we moved and the new apt is further than initially anticipated, trips… Continue Reading →

Tresses: French Braids

I finally washed my hair for the first time since…well since I don’t know when. Emphasis on I because I usually just wait for visits to my loctician. After I washed it, I decided to braid it and since I’m… Continue Reading →

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