TD1 and the Super Straight Hair

A few weeks ago, I came home and, as soon as I walked in the door, T-Daddy said, "She wants her hair like Elsa's*. I have no idea who Elsa is or how her hair even is. I tried to talk to her, but she's really upset." I looked at TD1 who was sulking¬†against the... Continue Reading →

Tresses: Doing It Yourself

The past few months my loctician has been on some other, making me question if it was worth continuing to make that drive to the south side. Since we moved and the new apt is further than initially anticipated, trips to the shop were less attractive. While I was trying to contemplate what I was... Continue Reading →

Tresses: French Braids

I finally washed my hair for the first time since...well since I don't know when. Emphasis on I because I usually just wait for visits to my loctician. After I washed it, I decided to braid it and since I'm trying to learn how to french braid I decided now's a good time to practice.... Continue Reading →

Tresses: Bantu Knot Out

A few weekends ago, we went to Peoria for the annual comedy show formerly known as Laff Jam. Because I had an appt coming up a few weeks later and I didn't know how I was gonna find the time to get to the shop for just a style, I resorted to the good ol... Continue Reading →

My Locs Are Rockin

So I got my hair done for the holidays. It's finally long enough to style and I'm loving it. When I got home, I braided the bangs and rodded them then had Todd dip the rods in hot water. I think I made the braids too fat because they wouldn't stay around the rods, but... Continue Reading →

The Price of Beauty

I set out to do Temi's hair and she was an awesome sport...Until I got halfway done. Then she cried, twisted, screamed. You would have thought we were in an England torture chamber circa 1800. She never stopped crying.The bottom left is after I finished. She realized we were taking pix of her. Thus the... Continue Reading →

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