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Potty Chronicles: I Gotta Pee

On Wednesday, when I picked Temi up from school, her teachers told me she peed on the potty a little. I, of course, got super excited and proud. Apparently,  it went down like this:She pooped.They changed her.She ASKED to go… Continue Reading →

Potty Chronicles: Diapers Don’t Go There

Fact: Temi likes to clean and help out. Fact: Temi knows that sometimes there’s poop in her diaper. Fact: Temi knows she should poop in the toilet. All of these facts led to Temi dunking her (rolled up and closed)… Continue Reading →

The Potty Chronicles: Oh, Oh

Sunday, we had a full day of potty training and while Temi has yet to make the potty sing, she did manage to stand in the middle of the living room with her training pants at her ankles yelling “Oh,… Continue Reading →

Temi’s Potty

We have conquered sleeping through the night, crawling, walking, talking, eating and running all over Mommy and Daddy. So I guess that means it’s about time to start potty training. I read that the first step is to get her… Continue Reading →

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