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The Adventures of TD1 in Invisible World: Healthy Food and Allergies

One day TD1 came up to me and told me that I wasn’t her real mom. Her real mom (Invisible Mom) lived in her Invisible World and TD1 came here through her Invisible Mirror. In Invisible World, TD1 is really 8 years old (coming through the Invisible Mirror made her 4.5), and things are quite different than they are here in the real world. These are TD1’s adventures as told by her.

Invisible World as drawn by TD1

In my Invisible World, everyone only eats candy and fish because that’s all that’s healthy there. But I’m allergic to fish, so I can’t eat it. Everyone else eats it though. I just eat candy because that’s all that’s healthy in my Invisible World. I’m only allergic to big fish though, so if my Invisible Mom cuts it into really small pieces I can eat it. I’m not allergic to small fish, just the big fish and I really like it in my Invisible World.”

T-Talks: What Do You Want?

A while back, TD2 was crying but no one knew why. She met every question I asked with a resounding “NO!” So TD1 decided that she would be a better interrogator.

TD1: What do you want [TD2]? You want me? You want me to eat it? Mommy, I think she wants me to eat her snacks.

And, there you have it folks. My 2-year-old was inconsolable because she wanted her big sister to eat her snacks. ????T-Talks

T-Talks: Frosting

Overheard at the dinner table:

T-Mommy: May I be excused?

TD1: Ummmm, I still see food.

T-Mommy: I’m gonna save it for later.

TD1: Oh ok, you can be excused.

T-Mommy: I ate all my vegetables.

TD1: But why you didn’t eat all this? *holds up macaroni*

T-Mommy: I did, and I’ll eat the rest later.

TD1: But it’s gon get old.

T-Mommy: Daddy will put it in the refrigerator.

TD1: It’s still gon get old in the frigerator.

T-Mommy: He’ll cover it up.

TD1: It’s still gon get old. You gotta cover it with frosting!

DIY or Just DIFM

  I was in Barnes and Noble browsing, killing time while I waited for T-Daddy to pick me up when I stumbled upon the Kids’ Craft section. It was full of books and boxes for kids to do lots of fun things like build your own erasers and rock painting kits.

“Man the girls would love this!”

I reached for several different kits, each time stopping myself. The girls would love this. Mommy wouldn’t. I want to love it. I want to do all kinds of fun, artsy things with them. I just never have time. I’m full of ideas, but not enough time or patience to execute.

I’m sure if I could slow down long enough to focus on the now and not the million other things I have to do, I could create some awesome projects with the girls. A few years ago, I decided I was going to teach myself how to draw because it’s always been something I’ve wanted to know how to do. It lasted all of three weeks. I managed to draw a few things, including a not-so-deformed Spiderman. It was enough to convince me that I could be good. Something happened, I fell out of my practice routine and the drawing journal I invested in has been collecting dust ever since.

So I put each kit down and moved on to another section with a hint of sadness. I wish I could buy all these DIY kits and actually complete them. But I know, in all honesty, they would just collect dust. Another great idea that I didn’t have the time to execute.

I dream of one day being able to manage my time and prioritize obligations so that I can be that super DIY mom. But today…today, I’m just that DIFM (do-it-for-me) mom. So I bought the Look and Find Jake and the Neverland Pirates book and skipped over the artsy stuff.

Writing to Write

☆★Today’s post is Day 4 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I’m posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆

I dont really have anything to write about today. Today was a good day. Went to church online. Went to a comedy show I had signed up for and it turned out to be awesome.

Today was a good day.