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T-Talks: Cute Snakey

Scrolling thru FB and we came across a video of a little snake playing in a sand toy: TD2: Mommy, go back!! I want see snake. T-Mommy: *scrolls back up* *video plays* TD2: Awwwww cute snakey, cute snakey *proceeds to… Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Princess and Prince

Sometime last month, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across this: To which TD2 made me stop everything and scroll back up. TD2: Look Mommy! She’s so pretty! She’s a princess. Her dress sparkles. And he’s a prince…. Continue Reading →

The Adventures of TD1 in Invisible World: Healthy Food and Allergies

One day TD1 came up to me and told me that I wasn’t her real mom. Her real mom (Invisible Mom) lived in her Invisible World and TD1 came here through her Invisible Mirror. In Invisible World, TD1 is really… Continue Reading →

T-Talks: What Do You Want?

A while back, TD2 was crying but no one knew why. She met every question I asked with a resounding “NO!” So TD1 decided that she would be a better interrogator. TD1: What do you want [TD2]? You want me?… Continue Reading →

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