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Sweet Dreams T4, Sweet Dreams

Lately, T4’s schedule has been off. Not we’re-eating-dinner-a-little-later off, but, pendulum-swinging, we’re-all-over-the-place, consistency-doesn’t-exist-in-our-world off. And, everyone and everything is suffering as a result of it. For the life of us, T-Daddy and I just cannot get and stay on top… Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Sleeping Together

T-Daddy wants TD1 to sleep in her bed. I don’t mind.   TD1 wants to sleep with Mommy. I don’t mind that either.   As much as I like having a bed to myself (since 90% of the time someone… Continue Reading →

When Crying It Out Goes Wrong

I’ve been very open about my feelings towards the crying it out method. It’s just not something I can do, but we continue to struggle with the bedtime routine. Todd asked me to put my Beats on to drown her… Continue Reading →

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