T-Daddy wants TD1 to sleep in her bed. I don’t mind.
TD1 wants to sleep with Mommy. I don’t mind that either.
As much as I like having a bed to myself (since 90% of the time someone falls asleep on the futon in front of the PS3), I also like that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when little arms wrap around my neck and giggle “I luh zhoo!”
Nothing says sweet dreams like a toddler who wants you to be a part of their every moment, both waking and sleeping.
But nothing says wine like a toddler who wants you to lay still while they reenact Five Monkeys and you got ish to do.
For now, I choose the former. It gets me through the long days and lets me know that even when I think I’m messing this Mommyhood thing up, somebody thinks I’m doing it right.