The oh so popular and controversial Time Magazine cover has sparked lots of conversations and debates among women, creating a big divide and judgment between breastfeeding moms and formula-feeding moms, specifically with the question “Are you MOM enough?” But the magazine left out one very important detail: DAD.

Sure there are plenty of single mothers who breastfeed without the dad in the picture. But every mom I know that is in a committed relationship and breastfeeds, does so with the COMPLETE and TOTAL support of her partner. And I can’t imagine it any other way. If dad wasn’t onboard there would be a lot of conflict and arguments. I can just see Dad giving Baby formula when he wakes up in the middle of the night to a crying baby (OK, so it’s usually Mom that does this but ya know) or when my mom makes that quick grocery store run and comes back to find Baby just downed 9 oz. of formula against her wishes. For women that pump, that support is crucial (even if you don’t pump that support is still crucial. Having another human depend solely on you for nutrition…that’s tiring). Pumping is painful. And not always easy, especially if you’re like me who has a baby that is perfectly content playing with Daddy or her toys UNTIL she hears the pump doing its thing. Then she wants to take out the competition. I have managed to pump and handle TD1 when I’ve been home alone and I had to get it done. Sometimes you do what you gotta do. But oh how much easier it is when T-Daddy is there and can help me by keeping her occupied. Or those times when I’m complaining or crying about *insert pumping issue here* and he offers advice or simply whips out his phone and starts Googling right there.

So Time got it wrong for so00o0o many reasons. 1. We are ALL mom enough (unless of course you leave your baby in a dumpster or sell her body to get a quick hit but that’s another topic). 2. Breastfeeding is not just a MOM thing; it’s a PARENT thing, as is a lot of other aspects of raising a child.

So here’s what a DAD had to say about the magazine cover.

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