Halloween for kids and adults alike means that you can dress up as someone (or thing) that you’re not the other 364 days of the year AND you get to stock up on candy for free. 🙂 So in the tradition of all things orange, we took Temmy Trick or Treating for her first Halloween. Carrying around all that extra candy really wore her out – she was knocked out after the first house. I guess long walks around the neighborhood will put a spell on her that not even things that go bump in the night can break.

Enjoy these tricks and treats.

Getting dressed
Daddy and his Pumpkin

Temmy and Granddad
“Look at my strong grip”

Temmy collecting her candy
Mommy’s pumpkin is tired. Trick or treating is hard work.
Happy Halloween!!!
Wiped out
Temmy’s hard work. Daddy’s lunch.