☆★Today’s post is Day 6 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I’m posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆

I struggle daily with finding the balance between mom, girlfriend and Taija. I was Taija before I was anything else, except a daughter. But friend, sister, employee, girlfriend, mom. Those all came later. So you would think that being Taija, taking care of me would be the easiest thing ever.

Not so much.

It’s so easy for me to get caught up in taking care of the girls or trying to do things that make Todd smile that I look up and I’m tired, but I haven’t done one thing for me. Todd has called me out on it a few times. Recently, I gave him some much-needed game time. After which, the following convo took place:

Me: I can’t give you an hour everyday, especially when I go back to work, but I could probably do 15 minutes of just making sure the girls don’t bother you so you can unwind after work. Is that good enough? Do you need more?
Todd: Awwww thanks babe, but you don’t have to do that. Maybe an hour or two on Friday or Saturday. Plus if you give me 15 minutes everyday, when are you gonna take your 15 minutes? Don’t you need time to yourself too?

I was stuck. I definitely need Taija time. I just hadn’t thought about taking it.

It’s nice to know that he recognizes and understands I’m more than just “Mama” and his girlfriend and that I need to re-energize too. Even if I don’t always recognize that.