As many of you know, I accepted a new position as an associate editor for an accounting magazine in Arlington Heights. My first day was yesterday and what a first day it was.

Todd and I left the house about 6:35 AM so that he could work out beforehand. I dropped him off and headed to work. I got there about 7:20 and sat in the parking lot for a few min. I HAD to check on my princess to make sure she was doing ok. I finally went up about 7:45 and waited for my boss to arrive. While I was in the waiting area, one of the guys came in, introduced himself and showed me to my desk and around the office. While I was in the middle of my tour, my boss walked in and the craziness began…..

My boss doesn’t work in my office so he doesn’t have a desk or really know anyone in the office. We spent a good 45 min tryna track down my new hire paperwork that was sent to him. Luckily, someone in the office grabbed it and put it up for us. I was shocked at how on top of things HR was. I had a desk, PC, phone, access to most things, office supplies and emails already waiting for me. (At that other place, I had to wait a week…) They also let me know that if I got my paperwork in by a certain time, I’d be getting paid in four days. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! I spent most of the morning on phone calls getting introduced to people that sit in the home office.

We took a break for lunch on the boss and this place called the Dragon Grill or something like that. Then it was back to the office for more meet and greets and setups. I looked up and it was 3 PM and I had a missed call from Todd’s mom. My heart dropped. She just wanted to let me know how my baby was doing. Awwwwwww

I finished up the day and it was time to go. Todd texted me to ask how things were going. Great, I’ve been promised a webcam and second monitor. The people in the office are super fun and funny. I get to wear jeans everyday AND my breasts don’t hurt even tho I haven’t had the chance to pump once. As I was packing up the Guy across from me and my boss wanted to talk about how my first day went. THEN all of a sudden oh crap, that hurts. I HOPE I’m not leaking. I kept tryna look down hoping that there weren’t two dark pink circles shining thru my shirt. Luckily the convo ended and I was on my way to pick up Todd. I called his mom to check on my baby and fought some traffic to pick up Todd. We finally made it home and I ran right into Temi’s arms.

Yes Mommy missed you.

*Thank you Granny for watching her and sending me pix to ease my anxiety*