Three weeks, y’all. That seems so close. Too close.

I don’t know if it’s a symptom of quarantine or I’m in denial, but I keep forgetting that TD3 has a birthday coming up and then I remember and each time it feels like we skipped some time. She was just 6 months and now she’s 11 months and running, talking, snatching food, wreaking havoc. Where did those 5 months go?

Speaking of time, this week went by fast too. We managed to squeeze in so much – both girls had Zoom meetings with their friends, science experiments, a virtual field trip to India, some cement observation and fun, family movie night and probably a T5 fave: fried jerk chicken nuggets and shrimp. Not parent-related, but fried jerk shrimp might just be the highlight of this week for me.

As we get ready to close out this first year of being parents of three, life looks a lot different than I imagined. Between quitting my job and homeschooling, leaving our church and speaking up against racism, T-Daddy and I find ourselves at this crossroad that I know we will look back on as a game changer. I also firmly believe God has been prepping me for this for a while now. And this week, I was reminded of that. It’s more important than ever that I make sure I don’t allow myself to get sidetracked by seemingly good opportunities that take me away from our goals. Every moment, every decision, determines how my future, our family’s future plays out, so I have to make each one count. God willing, 2021 will start to bear the fruit of the seeds I’m planting now.

I just need to keep taking it week-by-week.