This week has been the complete opposite of last week. And while there have been lots of tough decisions and conversations, it has also been a week of tuning into what’s most important – T5.

I’m axeclusively his. And I’m in it for the long haul. We managed to get out for a day date of axe throwing and it was AMAZING!

First, I started a Songs of Solomon challenge with some of my friends and for 10 days, we are pouring into our marriages. This includes intentional quality time and dates *gasp*. It’s been a breath of fresh air and I’m excited to finish it. In addition to loving on T-Daddy, I’ve also been intentional about loving on the big TDs. We had a family date to Dave & Buster’s, then I went on a movie date with TD1 and one of her besties and her mom.

This week, we started a new thing at dinner time – playing a quick card game while we eat. So far, we’ve rotated between Go Fish and CBT 123, but it has filled our dining room with so much laughter that I think we might keep doing it. I‘ll take laughter over tantrums and stank attitudes any day. 

I managed to get in for my postpartum appointment after it was rescheduled last week. I’ve been given the all-clear to resume activities, but also an order for PT to help with my back pain. Then I found the rollerblades I was given for Christmas last year, so maybe I just might be able to finally skate to work one day now that I’m not creating a whole human. Speaking of creating little humans, how do women use breastfeeding as birth control? Three pregnancies in and every time Aunt Flow is like “Yeah, no. Not you.” 

My therapist also reminded me that it’s okay to not be okay. That I have to allow myself space to feel bad. And be okay with feeling bad. So I’m going to ride the wave of postpartum emotions, taking time when I need it while I get back into the swing of things.

Back to love. Back to family. Back to working out. Aaaannnnd back to work…full-time. I’m starting to feel like a person that can do things again. I get one more week of being around TD3 all day everyday and then it’s back to work. Back to school dropoffs and pickups. Back to the old life…with a new twist.