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T-Talks: Two Moms

TD1: Mom, why can’t I have two moms like you? I want two moms. T-Mommy: Why do you want two moms? TD1: So I can have two moms and two houses and two brothers and two sisters, like you have. T-Mommy: Well,… Continue Reading →

Black Girl Magical Excellence

Have you ever witnessed something that set your spirit on fire and motivated you to get out and do something great? And you wanted to share it with everyone you know? That’s what “Hidden Figures” did for me. This movie… Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Library Edition

Last Monday, the TDs were out of school, so we went to the library. They had a fun, free concert and then TD1 wanted to check out books. (Apparently, she’s a pro at the whole process because her class regularly… Continue Reading →

TD2 Is An Ar-teest

We recently put TD1 in Awana* (but that’s another story), and as I was working through her workbook with her, there were a few activities that required drawing.  Of course, TD2 wanted to draw as soon as she saw Big… Continue Reading →

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