T-Talks: Two Moms

TD1: Mom, why can’t I have two moms like you? I want two moms.
T-Mommy: Why do you want two moms?
TD1: So I can have two moms and two houses and two brothers and two sisters, like you have.
T-Mommy: Well, you know what it means if you have two moms? It means that Mommy and Daddy won’t be together anymore.
TD1: :-O
T-Mommy: Is that what you want?
T-Mommy: I don’t want that either. Mommy has two moms because my Mommy and Daddy aren’t together anymore. And I don’t want that for you. But you know what? You have a Godmom, and she’s kind of like a half-mom. So you have one and a half moms.
TD1: **big smile** So I have two moms. And I have a Goddad, so I have two dads and a Godsister so two sisters and a Godbrother, but only one brother. [TD2] Wake up! You have two moms and two dads and two sisters, but just one brother.

2 thoughts on “T-Talks: Two Moms”

  1. Aaaawwwwwwwwww*tear* that was just beautiful! The mind of the young. TD2 is hilarious with the “wake up”. Stay woke 😂😂

    1. She says the craziest things sometimes. Actually TD2 didn’t say wake up. TD1 was telling TD2 to wake up. She was too eager to share the news with her 😂😂

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