Last Monday, the TDs were out of school, so we went to the library. They had a fun, free concert and then TD1 wanted to check out books. (Apparently, she’s a pro at the whole process because her class regularly visits the library.) While we were there, the following convos took place.

 TD1: This book’s not English.
T-Mommy: No, it’s Polish.
TD1: Why’s it Polish?
T-Mommy: Because you picked up the Polish version.
TD1: All the other ones not English?
T-Mommy: They are. You picked the English version for the other books.
TD1: Good, because I don’t like not English. I don’t know how to read it.
T-Mommy: I see. Well you can learn how to read Polish.
TD1: What’s this one? This one English?
T-Mommy: No, it’s Spanish. I forgot [TD2] picked this one.
TD1: Cuz her need to learn Spanish.
T-Mommy: Yes, SHE needs to learn Spanish. You do too.
TD1: Good, she need learn all her Spanish. I don’t. I already know how to read. *walks off*

*playing Dora on the computer*
TD1: Mommy, how do I get to the cooking one? I need you to take me to the cooking one. I need the cooking one. I gotta practice for my cooking class and I gonna get SO MAD if I can’t practice cuz I love my cooking class!