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And, We’re Officially Preschoolers

Today was the first day of PRESCHOOL for the TD’s. It’s been bittersweet leading up to this day. I really like the school and the theory behind it. They adopt a constructivism style of teaching (think Montessori), which means the… Continue Reading →

Mean Nurse Lady

So Temi went for her 15-month checkup and she did NOT like that nurse one bit. She wouldn’t let her check ANY of her stats. Then when they did the hemoglobin screen, Temi was ready to kill. She spent the… Continue Reading →

Cracker Please

Mommy’s princess is feeling better as evidenced by my 6 am wake up call. She was all smiles and love and asking for crackers (which yesterday she wouldn’t even look at). She started pointing at the pack and going “anh… Continue Reading →

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus. Temi is beyond loved at her school. She knows EVERY teacher there. I’m constantly met with “She is so0o0 cute.” “I just love her smile.” “I can’t wait till she’s in my class.” It makes… Continue Reading →

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