imageToday was the first day of PRESCHOOL for the TD’s. It’s been bittersweet leading up to this day. I really like the school and the theory behind it. They adopt a constructivism style of teaching (think Montessori), which means the kids will learn the way they want and need to. I love the idea of empowering them to take control of their education. It’s a small, Greek school, so the girls will get to learn some Greek. I’ve met a lot of the teachers and parents since we’ve decided to enroll the girls and I’m overall just really excited for them.

At the same time, they’re starting PRESCHOOL. Did you catch that? I said PRESCHOOL. That means no more daycare. No more dropping them off for 10 hours. No more naps and pull-ups and breakfast, lunch and a gazillion snacks. Now we have to provide all of that. Now there are school breaks and holidays and school supply shopping. Oh and let’s not forget UNIFORMS! Plus, it’s PRESCHOOL. Keyword: SCHOOL. My babies are in SCHOOL.

Overdramatic parent rant over. I’m excited and anxious and can’t wait to hear all about their first day, but I feel that, in some ways, daycare prepared me for this day. So I’m okay.

But you know who wasn’t okay? TD2. My poor little munchkin went from excited to put on her uniform to begging to take it off. Then, she didn’t want us to leave her at school. She was okay when we took her to TD1’s classroom (to show her that she wasn’t alone), but she didn’t want to go back to her class alone. I’m sure when I pick her up, she’ll be okay, but T-Daddy made a good point after we left.

T-Daddy: [TD1] is excited. She’s been looking forward to this day since she shadowed. She knows what’s up. [TD2] is probably shell-shocked because she knows this isn’t her daycare.

D@mn! He’s right. I’ve been talking to TD1 nonstop about her “new school,” but I hadn’t had one conversation with TD2. Sure, she was present when these conversations took place. But I never sat her down to explain what was going on and what it all meant. And I know better! I’m that parent that’s always explaining EVERYTHING to the girls.

Could her meltdown be partially my fault? Possibly. Will she be okay? Yup. Will I talk to her about it when I pick her up? You betcha! I can’t wait to hear ALL about their first day. But I’m sure TD1 will be doing most of the talking.