The Wheels on the Bus. Temi is beyond loved at her school. She knows EVERY teacher there. I’m constantly met with “She is so0o0 cute.” “I just love her smile.” “I can’t wait till she’s in my class.” It makes me feel good. I truly feel like we made the right choice. So when we move next year, we’ve decided that we’re going to keep her there. Besides, I’m sure her “BFF” Austin won’t allow her to leave. Austin is this little boy that meets me and Temi at the door every morning. He waits for me to take her coat off and rushes to play with her. If he’s still there when I pick her up, he’s following us around like he doesn’t want her to go. This morning he waved for her to come sit with him at the breakfast table. Temi of course pays him no mind. She goes on about her business.

Cold Turkey. I had decided a while ago that I was going to start weaning Temi. Our morning routine was just horrible and I could use the extra 15-20 min that I spent nursing doing something else. So Todd and I talked about it and we decided we’d give her a sippy full of milk in the morning instead of nursing. Temi took it with no problem. I don’t remember what happened, but something did and I ended up nursing again. It was just easier. So we were back to our old habits. Well fast forward a couple months and I noticed that my milk was decreasing. My supply wasn’t keeping up with demand I tried pumping and nursing more…nada. We were starting to go through our stash. So we decided to start supplementing. Since almond milk is much sweeter than cow’s milk, we dilute it with water. Doesn’t matter, Temi drinks it all the same (Mommy’s milk and almond milk that is.) That was working for a while. I was able to pump and just freeze what I pumped to build up my stash. Then all of a sudden, I wasn’t getting anything when I pumped. Temi was still getting something when she nursed, but sessions were becoming increasingly longer. So I decided to stop. Cold turkey. The first day when Temi started pulling on my shirt. I sat her down and fixed her a cup really quick. No problem. We continued the next few days like that. So far so good. Over the weekend, she was cranky and I was so tempted to nurse her for comfort, but I didn’t. No sense in backtracking or confusing her. I did make the mistake of accidentally “teasing” her. So I had to work with distracting her and wearing extra layers of clothes. Besides just wanting to lay on my chest and cuddle. We survived.

Beep, Beep. Get out the Way. Thanks to my annoying loving little brother, Temi has a new toy. Which means Mommy and Daddy* have a new headache. First, this thing was a pain in the @$$ to put together. The parts were cut too small so the metal rods wouldn’t fit. Good thing Daddy is supa strong right? Anyways, Temi loves her new car sooooo much. Which makes me happy. Until she throws a fit that I want to do something besides push and pull her around the apartment. *sigh* This would’ve been a great motivation for us to get out during the summer but now it’s too cold. Seeing as how she’s technically five months too young for it, I guess there’s always the spring, right?
*Daddy sound effects sold separately.