I completely forgot to post last week’s menu but in case anyone’s looking for ideas I’ll post it at the bottom. This week I’m trying my hand at a few new recipes. I’m also happy to report that I knew I would have to cook extra food this time around so we try to plan accordingly and bought extra groceries and we managed to still meet our budget. 🙂 This is one happy mama over here!!!
October 14-20
Soul Food Nite – Greens (I’m going to try my hand at it. Let’s see how this turns out), Mac N Cheese, Baked Pork Chops
Italian Nite – Stuffed Pasta Shells, Pan-fried Chicken
Remix Tuesday – 
Soup/Salad Nite – Chicken & Biscuits (Again a New Recipe)
Mexican Nite – Chipotle Burrito Bowl (I was supposed to make this before but ended up ordering pizza :-()
Fried Goodness Nite – Fried Chicken, Fries, Salad
Pizza Nite – Try a local pizzeria

October 7-13
Soul Food Nite – Dressing, Green Beans & Potatoes, Baked Chicken (I used sweet potato cornbread for the dressing and I have to say that this meal was AWESOME!)
Italian Nite – Pan-seared parmesan garlic pork cubes, Naked Spaghetti, Salad (New recipe and it turned out great)
Remix Tuesday – We ordered pizza that night. We didn’t have any left overs and I didn’t feel like cooking
Soup/Salad Nite – Asparagus & Cheese Soup (New recipe turned out really good)
Mexican Nite – Chimichungas (I used spinach tortillas and added rice….AWESOME!)
Fried Goodness Nite – Beer battered fish, fries, salad*
Pizza Nite – Try a local pizzeria*
*Because we went out for Erica’s birthday on Friday, I was going to substitute Friday’s menu for Saturday but we ended up having Mexican two nights in a row smh.