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Splash! Splash!

In a recent convo, I shared with Todd how I missed my bubble baths and I wish I could take them again, but didn’t know where I had time to fit one in. He suggested that I take one during… Continue Reading →

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus. Temi is beyond loved at her school. She knows EVERY teacher there. I’m constantly met with “She is so0o0 cute.” “I just love her smile.” “I can’t wait till she’s in my class.” It makes… Continue Reading →

Ring Around the Temi…

Her cousins ran circles around her…literally LOL Watch “Ring Around the Temi” on YouTube

Temi’s Toys

Now that Temi is moving about and getting into everything, we decided to bust out the toys she got at the baby shower that we packed away and completely forgot about. She seems really fascinated by the rollercoaster. She played… Continue Reading →

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