In a recent convo, I shared with Todd how I missed my bubble baths and I wish I could take them again, but didn’t know where I had time to fit one in. He suggested that I take one during my down time while I read or listen to music.

I decided to listen and I took one yesterday because it had been a long day and I wasn’t feeling well.

Needless to say that not even 15 minutes in, Todd came in to use the bathroom and then five seconds after he left, all I heard was banging on the door followed by “No baby, you can’t go in there” “I want Mama” followed by high pitch crying.

Not wanting the rest of my relaxation time to be riddled with merciless screams, I yelled for Todd to let her in. With the hugest tear-stricken grin, Temi came running in full force, hugged me and attempted to climb in the tub, fully-clothed. Todd undressed her and threw some toys in and the three of us splashed away and poured water on Temi.

It wasn’t the quiet “Me” time I had set out to have, but the resulting bubble bath for 2.5 was still relaxing and fun and let me spend some quality time playing with my princess. And she had a blast šŸ™‚