TB3 is about the size of a speck of sawdust.

This has been one busy week. I found out I was pregnant before I was technically 4 weeks, so Week 4 started with a trip to my wonderful midwives.
Then, we told the girls. Their excitement made me even more excited. I didn’t know it was possible to be this excited about a baby that 5 weeks ago I was absolutely sure I didn’t want. In fact, I may have even been inquiring with other ladies about more permanent forms of birth control just earlier this month. I’m sure God was looking down on that convo like “Ha! Bet!! I got you, T!”
We also told our family and close friends. But the girls definitely provoked some of those conversations. Here’s looking at TD1 pointing to my belly asking “Did you tell her yet????” as I’m talking to a friend. Guess I’m telling her now.
Annnnd, I told my jobs. Who were surprisingly happy. I didn’t expect them to be upset, but man I was not prepared for the amount of joy this news brought. I’m sure most of it was just that they’re happy it’s me and not them, but I’ll choose to believe they’re happy for the bun in the oven too.