TB3 is about the size of a popping firecracker.

I’m just SO tired…all…the…time. And nauseous. It’s throwing me off my game. This has been such an off week, for sure. I was making stupid mistakes at work. To the point that I had to sit down with one of my trillion bosses and talk about some of the stuff that happened. Nothing major and he was understanding, but it definitely wasn’t a “sweep it under the rug” situation.
For someone who’s a recovering perfectionist and doesn’t like to make mistakes, big or small, this is huge. It just added to the growing sense of overwhelm and anxiety that I have been feeling rearing its ugly double-head.
In other news, I found out that someone else was pregnant. TB3 is going to have lots of little playmates hopefully. I also can feel a little bump inside my stomach. It’s very small and almost unnoticeable, but very cool to be able to feel it. Since I know waaaay too many nurses and medical professionals to even begin to guess what proper/technical terms, so I’m not gonna try. We’ll just leave it at I got a bump. *cheese*