This year for Veterans Day, my job is supporting Operation Courage is Beautiful. As part of our campaign, employees were asked to donate care packages for female soldiers. One of the items listed were Thank You cards.

Because I’m always looking for ways to culturize* my children, I immediately thought of how I could get them involved. My plan was to have TD1 pick out some items to send. She loves playing in makeup and lipstick so I figured she’d love picking out some to send. I would also have both girls make thank you notes. Of course, time and money got away from me, but I was still sticking to my plan.

As I was brainstorming card ideas, it came to me: this might be a great project for TD1’s class. So, I mentioned it to the ladies that run their school. They thought it was a wonderful idea.

What they sent home with TD1 was more than I had in mind – they involved the entire school, including TD2’s class.

The best part was picking up TD1 and having her tell me, “Mommy, I want say ‘Thank You!’ Ms. Kayla said we going say ‘Thank You’ to your friends.”

So, from T4 and TDs’ classmates: Thank you Veterans, service men and service women for all of your bravery, service and sacrifice. A special thank you to those that leave behind their own children to fight for our right to spend time together as a family. We are deeply appreciative and grateful for you!

2014 Veterans Day Thank You Cards from TDs' schoool

2014 Veterans Day Thank You Cards from TDs’ schoool

*Yes, I know culturize isn’t a word in the dictionary….yet.