At the airport in Dallas

Quick! Somebody call Ne-Yo and Fab and let them know that this girl righchea *yea me* is one bad chick. Not only do I got my own, but I can DO my own too (hair that is).

I remember many, many, many moons ago, my Teet decided it was time for a “big girl talk.” She told me I needed to learn how to do my own hair. I think my mom was still doing my hair at the time, so I didn’t think it was a need per se. Anywho, she showed me how to flat iron my hair because she said you just never know when the need would arise. And when ppl don’t come thru you need to know how to rely on yourself. If you know my Teet, you know her words were a lot more “real” than that but you get the gist.

I’ve never really needed to heed her advice. I mean I’ve done my hair on plenty of occasions, but it was always a choice of mine. That all changed this weekend. I’ve been trying for THREE weeks to get my hair did. At first, for Valentine’s Day, then for my trip to Dallas. The girl that does my hair was on some BS. My Plan B no longer worked at the shop. So I jumped to Plan C and took my Teet’s advice. Now it’s no flat iron but, I pay attention when ppl do my hair for the most part. Good thing too cuz I DEFINITELY needed to know how to do my hair this time.

*To my fellow naturalistas, I’m in the market for a new loctician, so holla at your girl if you got one you recommend. Next time I’m tryna get my hair done is before I turn 25 on March 19 :-)*

My babe said that it looked just like when ol girl did it, only longer 😀

My fix for the Isley Bros/Chrisette Michelle concert