Today is a special day for two reasons. On this day…

1. One year ago, T-Daddy and I became first-time homeowners.

It was a very long process that didn’t go the way we expected, but we’re happy with our house. We had very high hopes and dreams for what we were going to do once it was ours. We’ve managed to accomplish maybe a few of those things (partly because three months in we found out we were going to need to make room for another little T). We’ve also realized just how unprepared apartment living has made us. Who knew that you needed so many things just to live in a house?

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. While some rooms have finally started to feel like ours, there are others that still need work. T-Daddy and I still have to figure out how we want to use some rooms (and I can tell you that it has already changed several times and probably still will before any work is done). Some days, we dream big of future plans and some days, we complain about the problems we inherited. But most days, we thank God that we have a place to call our own.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m glad to finally have a backyard to sit in and host things and a space the girls can call their own. Hosting Christmas and our gender reveal in our backyard felt so amazing. Being able to start fires and just enjoy the peacefulness of our backyard is a feeling I can’t even find the words for. 

2. One week ago, T-Daddy and I officially became third-time parents.

LIKES: Mommy, Nursing, Walking with Daddy, My sisters, Being held, Sleeping; DISLIKES: Sleeping through the night, Diaper changes, Loud noises

And just that quick, TD3 is already a whole week old.

There are so many things different this time around. For one, the healing process has been a little longer and harder than I remember. But honestly, after 6 years, it’s kind of a blur. I feel like I bounced back in a matter of days last time. This time, I’ve left the house twice – once for TD3’s doctor appointment and once to ride around in the car to do a few Pokémon Go raids (it was like 20 minutes and that even felt like I was doing too much.) 

Mentally, I’m okay. I know a lot of people are worried about me because pregnancy was so stressful. The first day home was hard. That was when it really sunk in just how slow I was going to have to take it, but after that, it’s been nothing but rest and relaxation. Me and TD3 are getting along great, and T-Daddy has been so supportive and caring (not that I ever doubted he would. I’m just so very thankful for him).

I knew that having another baby meant starting all over after finally getting the girls to a point of independence. I didn’t expect that to mean emotionally starting all over. I am so in love with this girl. I’ve loved TD1 and TD2 for so long that I forgot how it felt to fall in love with them when I first held them and brought them home. I don’t want to share her with anyone or leave her side. I remember going through this with each of the girls, but I forgot how euphoric loving a new baby can feel. 

I knew that I would love her once she came, but to be honest, I spent my entire pregnancy dreading having to get back in the groove of diapers, sleepless nights, pumping and daycare that I forgot the good parts of starting all over. The baby touches and cuddles, the smiles and how cute their every move is. This week has been a wonderful reminder of all of that.