• Mommy
  • Nursing
  • Eating Mommy’s face
  • Music
  • Walking with Daddy
  • My sisters
  • Being held
  • Sleeping on Mommy or Daddy


  • Being in my carseat
  • Diaper changes
  • Loud noises
  • Sleeping in my bassinet

Can someone tell me how did we get here already??? I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we officially became T5. 

We spent Week 4 introducing TD3 to our community group and her great-granddad, and cheering on her big sister and daddy as they ran a 5K for their running club. 

Now that TD3 is a month old, it’s time for me to go back to work. I met with my boss this morning to talk about what me coming back to work looks like. And to pick up some work to do from home. I was anxious leading up to the meeting because this month has truly went by so fast. I didn’t expect a month to feel so short.

I have to admit though that it felt good being back in the office, not pregnant. No baby in tow. Catching up with everyone. Till I got home. Apparently, T-Daddy decided to give TD3 a bottle when she woke up instead of calling or texting me to come feed her. And apparently TD3 decided to take said bottle without protesting that it wasn’t me. The betrayal runs deep with these two.

So here we are. A month into being parents of three. Juggling meetings and activities for the older two with feedings and sleep for the young one. There are moments of frustration and bliss and tiredness. I’m slowly starting to get back into doing things other than just feed and hold TD3. (Although I could only do those things and be happy.) I’m trying to imagine where do we go from here with this new lovable T. I’m also trying to remember what life felt like before I knew her. 

What a difference a month makes.