What. A. Week!

Back to work (sorta). Family situations. 1-month checkup. Halloween. Snow.

No wonder my emotions were all over the place. Besides the fact that Halloween and snow never ever belong in the same week, this was a pretty interesting week all around. I had some family stuff come up that had me in my feelings for a few days. Then the unexpected snow meant I had to pull out my winter coat before I was ready. And because I haven’t gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight, guess who needs a new winter coat…

Just a Halloween Mama Unicorn and her baby

TD3 and I did get out quite a bit this week – we went to her 1-month check up, mom’s bible study, her sisters’ Halloween parade at their school, the Girl Scouts’ Investiture Ceremony, and church. Each outing presented challenges of their own. For every “hey now, we got this,” there were moments where I felt like a hot mess. Or at least awkward and fumbly. I been out the newborn game too long.

My goal for this week has been to try to get back into the routine of work and school, so when I go back to the office, it won’t be so rough. That has looked like me helping out with the girls in the morning, cooking more, doing more in general. Just doing this for a few days has already thrown me and TD3’s feeding schedule way out of whack. It’s hard to feed on demand AND feed two other kids and yourself and shower and get a spitting up baby dressed and get everyone out the door at a reasonable time. 

Y’all pray for us.