• Mommy
  • Daddy
  • My sisters
  • Nursing
  • Eating faces, hair, fabric
  • Being held
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Rolling over
  • Standing
  • Talking
  • People watching
  • Pulling my hair
  • Being outside
  • Grabbing Mommy’s food


  • Being in my carseat
  • When no one pays attention to me
  • Getting my nose cleaned
  • Laying on my back
  • Waiting

This month flew by. I can’t believe it’s about to be March already. Which means…in one month it’ll be half a year since TD3 was born…half a year since we officially became parents of three and a family of five.

Anyone else’s mind blown?

This month, we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day, survived our first sickness, had our first program at our new school, implemented a whole lot of processes and systems into our routine, made some tough decisions, fell in love a whole lot. But, I still haven’t figured out this whole drop-off/pick-up situation. Or how to successfully get three kids out the door on time, without forgetting something, or without someone losing their cool. But we’re all alive and in one piece. So there’s that. 

The thing that amazes me the most about being a mom of three is how natural it feels. Sure, there are tough moments, days. But, it really does seem like it was meant to be. Our family has adjusted quite beautifully to TD3. There are things we are still trying to figure out, but our life, our routine, our hearts have grown to fit her in like she was here all along. 

Speaking of hearts, I love that girl so much. Every time she smiles at me, I feel my heart bursting with unimaginable joy. No one could have prepared me for just how much I love her. Or how much her being born would cause me to appreciate the moments I started to take for granted with TD1 and TD2. 

TD1 was hurt one night and crying so hard. I held her in my arms and tried to comfort her as she cried herself to sleep. My first thought was, “Dang! This girl got some weight on her. I need to hit the gym.” And my second thought was, “My baby! It’s been so long since I rocked her to sleep in my arms.” I showered her with forehead kisses and squeezed her extra tight. 

TD1 is smarter than she knows what to do with all that knowledge. She’s easily excitable and loves to be in control. She has a smart tongue and is curious. She loves chocolate and candy…a little too much. She likes to hide things. Most times, she’s content being by herself or on her tablet. She tries to use hugs to get out of trouble or out of doing things she doesn’t want to do. She yells at her sister…a lot. She packs her own snacks and likes to learn new chores. (Not to be confused with likes to regularly do chores.)

I too easily forget that even though she’s all those things, she’s still just a little girl. A little girl that sometimes still needs her mama to rock her to sleep when she’s hurt. I had a few moments this month that have caused me to stop and make sure I’m pouring into her…showering her with the love I have for her. It’s so easy to do when all they do is coo and smile at you. A lot harder when they have opinions and talk back.

Next month, we celebrate two half-birthdays and a full birthday. We’re hoping to take a few days as a family and just enjoy each other. Also next month: the return of T-Parent/T-Daughter dates! It’s going to be interesting dividing up now that we’re outnumbered, but I’m excited to get back to loving on my girls. T-Daddy and I haven’t quite figured out how to make husband/wife dates a regular thing yet, but those are also coming to a future near us soon!