Really?? That’s All It Was?!?!?

So earlier this week, I talked about how Temi’s screams were driving me crazy. I didn’t know if she was throwing tantrums or something was seriously wrong. Turns out my baby was just tired of her “sick baby” food. She wanted some real food. She had one bite of tilapia and ran to her Daddy. After she finished all her food, she was bouncing all over the walls, smiling,  dancing, laughing.
Better but nerves are on edge lol

*Note to self: Much like her Mommy, Temi turns all shades of Incredible Hulk when she’s hungry.

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  1. lol aaww she has that “yeah I got some food now!” face on. Happy she knows the difference between amazing and horrible food. Also happy she is feeling better! Food will really change your life and mood. lol I think it makes me smarter, yup!

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