There’s Got to Be a Better Way

Update: Here’s a link to the video of Obama’s remarks in case you missed it.

I just heard about the shootings in CT and I feel kinda like this picture…empty. Reports of 27 people shot and killed, mostly kids. The school was K-4. My heart breaks for all the parents that don’t get to tuck their little ones in tonight.

It makes me question how much I take Temi for granted. I love her kisses and hugs. And I admit I get a little frustrated when she tries to use them to stay up at night. But God if I couldn’t ever feel them again…..

A picture of the kids being led out by police with looks of terror on their faces is just too much. My prayers go out to all affected.

This situation is beyond sad and makes me think of India.Arie’s song “Better Way.”

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