TB3 is about the size of a LEGO mini-figure.

My emotions are not letting up. This was another emotionally hard week for me. In fact, I actually hit a wall one day and had to fight back crying in the office in front of everyone.

I also started having nosebleeds this week. I’ve been flirting with them for a few weeks and they finally came. I had them when I was pregnant with TD1, but not TD2, so I wasn’t sure if they were going to show, but here they are.

I’m still super hungry. I think I’m eating at least every two hours, if not more. And I may or may not have had fries delivered to me at work. Not my proudest moment. On another occasion, I had a friend call to ask me if I wanted her to bring me fries. One of my happiest moments, for sure.

I went for a long walk with a friend on my off day. We talked about pregnancy, friend stuff and everything in between. It felt really nice to be out and moving and just sharing with someone. I really needed that time together…and working out. Speaking of working out, I missed my yoga class because I wasn’t feeling well and it really bummed me out. It’s the second week in a row I had to miss, and I have an obligation next week so I’ll miss that one too. I’m not happy about missing so many weeks because this was something I told myself I was going to commit to doing for me.

Also, my good friend anxiety is starting to come back around as I start feeling the pressure again to figure out our childcare situation and my work schedule once TB3 is here. That, plus the emotions of scheduling TD2’s ear tube/adenoid surgery has me over here on the biggest emotional rollercoaster. I also noticed that I keep adding the qualifier “I know I’m pregnant” whenever I talk about my emotions or thoughts as if they’re not valid on their own. I need to work on that. If it’s pregnancy hormones getting the best of me, so what. I am pregnant, right?

This pregnancy is already 1/4 of the way done. Man time flies.</p>