TB3 is about the size of a jack.

This week was my church’s annual Girls Night Out. It was a phenomenal night, and I had the pleasure of serving with an all-girl crew. A huge milestone for our church and production in general. I also went out with some of the moms afterward. I tried to hang with the big girls and ended up with a horrible sugar hangover. So much for trying to fit in with my mocktail.
I also had TR’s funeral and it just left me with so many emotions listening to the things that people had to say about her. 1. It’s mind-blowing that her funeral was standing room only. To leave behind a legacy that impactful at such a young age is amazing. It makes me wonder what am I leaving behind to TD1 and TD2 – and even TB3. Am I instilling in them the foundation they need to be just as impactful in their own right?
Emotionally, Week 9’s word is loneliness and distrust. It’s becoming harder for me to become really vulnerable with the people around me. I found out some things about some friends that really hurt and sent me into a spiral, which caused me to question my emotions. I don’t trust them and am constantly asking myself, “Is this me or the pregnancy talking?” I can tell this isn’t T-Daddy’s first rodeo because whenever I talk to him, his response is always “Babe if that’s how you feel, I think that’s very valid.”
I forgot how much of a Jedi mind trick pregnancy can be.