TB3 is the size of a baseball glove.

How fitting that the week we go to a baseball game, TB3 is the size of a baseball glove. Maybe s/he will be a good luck charm and our team will win.

This week has been a fast one. It started with my sister’s high school graduation. (That’s 3 down, and 1 more to go before I’m officially done as big sis 🤣). And it ended with a cold and rainy Crosstown Classic. Spoiler alert: Chicago won! 

Most of the week was spent trying to recover from the allergies/cold saga from last week. It’s not letting up, but we’re hanging in there trying to keep on keeping on. 

Even when I’m not pregnant, I try to be more natural/holistic/home remedy. I don’t really like going to the doctor unless my methods aren’t enough or I know it’s above me. The threshold for that is slightly lower now that I’m essentially existing for two these days.  Which means way more trips to the doctor/specialists/ER than I’m comfortable with. But hey, I just gotta make it to delivery and then all the doctors visits will be for the baby.

Tomorrow starts a new week. I’m still battling nasty congestion and allergies and hopping on a plane, so hopefully things go smoothly.